The English word philosophy has come from the Greek word philosophia that in fact denotes love of wisdom, which is exactly what we can learn from Philosophy Books. In Philosophy, we study in detail truth about various basic things such as life, mind, knowledge, values, and reason and for this we do not need any experience or formal training. Just with our capability for exploring, reasoning and questioning and further exploring we can get to it.

The best means of enhancing our philosophy is reading the `Philosophy books. Numerous philosophers have given us their supreme knowledge in an extensive variety of Philosophy books that are easily obtainable through Online Books Store in India. Today’s best collection of Philosophy books include: Plato’s “The Republic”, Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good and Evil”, Aristotle’s “Nicomachean Ethics” and Albert Camus’ “The Plague”.

Philosophers think in a quite different way and that is really beyond the way an ordinary person usually thinks. We can also say that philosophers are talented people with unusual strength of wisdom that enables them to influence the world in the way of their own. The creation and ideas of philosophers ultimately develops into Philosophy Books where we can go through their fascinating means of changing the ideas. These books include the amazing attempt made by the renowned philosophers to convey their ideas to the world and they have been marketed at inexpensive prices today.

In recent times, the hectic timetable of individuals incites the crisis of stress and fatigue that gets in their way in leading a natural life. Now, philosophy books prove to be a great help in aiding you to get into a quiet environment and allow you to benefit from the fresh life alive with brightness and vivacious things. Besides, philosophy books definitely help the individuals knowing themselves and improving upon the ambiguities. So, it is healthier to hunt for a few good philosophy books right away.

Online books store in India has become very popular now-a-days as it is not at all difficult to find your desired books when you browse through the enormous range of books that have been made accessible online. You can obtain practically any book published in India and abroad. Books price in India is quite reasonable and online books store in India not only permit you to purchase books at inexpensive rates but also offer you discount. On different websites you can get to know Philosophy Books Price to compare and buy books from online books store in India. You simply need to place your orders online to get your favourite author’s best philosophy books that will be handed over at your front door.


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As a newly self published author, I am amazed by how many people have told me that they have a novel or idea for a book that they always wanted to have published. I usually tell these aspiring writers that it can happen and, if they are willing to listen, I tell them my story about how I self published my book. I have always enjoyed writing, mostly for my own enjoyment, but knew I had a talent for creative writing. My first audience was my co-workers at a bank I worked for in Seattle, where everyday, I filled in for the receptionist while she when to lunch.  During that hour, I wrote installments to a suspense thriller, set on the Oregon coast, which I shared with the other assistants on the floor who eagerly awaited my new chapters. Years later, I moved to Hawaii and sent regular email updates of my adventures to my friends, which I called “Memos from Maui.” Living in Hawaii is kind of like living in a foreign country and I had fun sharing my observations of life on a tropical island. “Memos from Maui” were well received and I knew then that I was hooked; I had to do something with my writing. Like the aspiring writers I mentioned earlier, I too was engaged in making a living as well as dealing with life’s other distractions. I have had a number of different careers, but none gave me the satisfaction I felt when I had people tell me that they liked my writing.

Returning to the mainland, I settled into a familiar routine of working for a living. One day, I picked up a Learning Annex catalog and came across a screenwriting class and decided to enroll. The instructor’s name was Lew Hunter, who for years taught his “Screenwriting 434″ at the UCLA Film School. His method for writing a screenplay is a formula based on the three-act Greek play. His class taught specific methods of story and character development. It gave me an entirely different set of tools as a writer and I began to write my first screenplay. After 3 months of writing, I completed Dance of the Heart. The method of writing I learned from Lew made the process of writing much more structured and as a result, made writing easier. I sent my screenplay off to a couple of screenwriting competitions and readers, but like most screenplays that are written, it didn’t get noticed. My story sat in my files for about 5 years until I decided that I believed in my story and that I would rewrite it into a novel. I took me about a year, but I finally finished Dance of the Heart as a novel.

When I was ready to explore how to get published, I again picked up a Learning Annex catalog and found a daylong “Book Camp,” which was a workshop on how to publish a book. It was an informative day and I quickly realized that getting my book published by a traditional publisher was as likely as my screenplay being made into a movie. The good news was that the instructor, Penny Sansevieri, a self-published author of “From Book to Bookseller,” had representatives from companies at the workshop that offered self-publishing services to writers. They provided me the technical support and expertise that I lacked and made it possible for me to publish my novel. So with motivation and dedication, and a little help from the Learning Annex, I am now a published author and am quick to share with others that they too can realize their dream of seeing their words in print. It’s just a matter of being committed to your dream; believing in your work and not letting anyone say it can’t be done. I am proof that it can!

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Nature always tells human beings a lot of stories about weirdest existence and oddest scenes about animals on Earth. Recently, the Guardian has released a series of the most impressive wildlife pictures. From rediscovery of Rio pescado stubfoot toad which has disappeared for 15 years to a lovely capybara bathing in hot water in a cold day in Saitama children\’s zoo, Japam. Let\’s take an in-depth look and enjoy the following stunning images.


Below is a shoot inside the pond in a St. Petersburg park, Russia. The ice has not only prevented the sunshine reaching into the pond, but also blocked oxygen from the air above the water. That leads to oxygen-generating plants try to struggle for fresh air below an ice hole.

A huge school of fish underneath the ice are trying to seek for air soaking up through the thin ice.

A fish is swimming in water underneath an ice in a pond on a St. Petersburg park, Russia.

A capybara is taking a “warm shower” during a cold day in Saitama children\’s zoo, Higashimatsuyama, Japan.

A man is feeding monkeys in Jammu, India.

An elephant makes a funny shoot when scratching against the tree in the Tsavo west national park.


Rio pescado stubfoot toad, also known as atelopus balios, has recently been discovered in Ecuador for 15-year disappearance. According to researchers, the lethal chytrid fungus is the main reason for this extinction.

This is one of the black and white tail humpback whales heading to the Southern Ocean due to the Antarctic hunt of Japanese whalers. The black and white tail humpback whale is in danger of extinction.

The butterflies are gathering in an old brand tree in the Pedro Herrada butterfly sanctuary, Michoacan, Mexico.

A breed of bison are grazing in the Yellowstone National Park, America.

A little red squirrel tries to look for some food in a frozen winter day in Rothiemurchus estate, Scotland.



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ICX Association executive director, Scott Slucher, welcomes more than 300 attendees to the 2015 ICX Association Excellence Awards ceremony at Skydeck Chicago.

On Monday evening, the Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association handed out their 2015 ICX Association Excellence Awards to 14 winners in the categories of digital signage, kiosk & self-service and mobile, as applied across many vertical markets. The awards, judged by a panel of 24 industry experts, recognize achievement in the use of technology to create outstanding customer experiences. The awards ceremony, held at Skydeck Chicago on the 103rd floor of the former Sears Tower, was part of the 2015 ICX Summit, a conference devoted to showcasing the many ways technology can be used to create transcendent customer experiences.

Scott Slucher, the Executive Director of the ICX Association, was impressed with the depth of quality in all the submissions. “Having looked at every submission, along with the judge’s evaluations of those entries, it’s encouraging to me to see so much good work being done with technology to create transcendent customer experiences,” he said.

“Part of our continuing mission is to recognize good work in the industries we cover,” said Kathy Doyle, Executive Vice President and Publisher or Networld Media Group. “These award winners represent innovation excellence and good business practices.”

The 2015 ICX Association Excellence Awards winners:

Best Corporate Communications Deployment: Digital Signage
Acorda and Téléciné, “Synapse TV”

Best Digital Out-of-Home Deployment: Kiosk/Self-Service
Verifone Media: VNET In Store

Best Digital Out-Of-Home Deployment: Mobile
Verifone Media: VNET In Store

Best Entertainment/Gaming Deployment: Digital Signage
AMC – Allure Global Optimized Digital Menu Board Deployment

Best Entertainment/Gaming Deployment: Kiosk/Self-Service
LA Interactive for LA STAPLES Center

Best Government, Education or Non-Profit Deployment
Rotman School of Management – University of Toronto

Best Healthcare Deployment: Digital Signage
The Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital Digital Network

Best Healthcare Deployment: Kiosk/Self-Service
ContextMedia Exam Room Tablet

Best Restaurant/Foodservice Deployment: Kiosk/Self-Service
Buzztime BEOND Tablet

Best Retail Deployment: Digital Signage
Toronto Blue Jays Flagship Retail Shop

Best Retail Deployment: Kiosk/Self-Service
Shell Fuel Rewards Kiosk

Best Retail Deployment: Mobile

Best Travel/Hospitality Deployment
San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Best At-Large Deployment
Leap Motion Enabled Multi-Touch Presentation Tool, RMG Networks


The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association, based in Louisville, KY, connects B2C brands to technology that elevates the customer experience. This is accomplished by partnering with supplier-side members to deliver content that explains, researches and demonstrates technology-based approaches to brand-side members through many mediums including: live conferences and symposiums, webinars, peer groups, case studies, eBooks and many more. Learn more at


Founded in 2000, Networld Media Group is a leading business-to-business (B2B) media communications company specializing in digital media, associations and events in the mobile, self-service, digital signage, retail, food service and financial services industries. Online properties include,,,,,,,, and The company produces executive summits in the fast casual, retail, ATM and mobile payments industries. Its custom media division develops Web sites, premium content and marketing services for associations such as the ATM Industry Association, the Electronic Funds Transfer Association and the ICX Association.


“20 years ago, Shanxi, there are three major brands – Fen, Lao Chen Vinegar And Begonia washing machine. Begonia””long gone now, Fen has gradually degenerated into regional brands, and Wuliangye , Maotai has been quite different. Shanxi in the country’s business card left with the old vinegar. If we do not seize the opportunity,”Wolf”may really come. “In the October 10 financial support of Shanxi vinegar industry forum, the Provincial Sugar wine Zhao, general manager of the new, points out in his opening remarks on the Shanxi Mature Vinegar grim situation facing.

10 10, the provincial financial department, the provincial committee through a letter, Commerce Department, the provincial main food safety, the provincial Food Taiyuan Economic and Trade Office and the Financial, Economic Commission Jinzhong, financial and towers, purple forest, Siyan Jing and other business executives gathered in vinegar “Chinese vinegar are” Qingxu, talked about the brand of Shanxi Mature Vinegar started, bigger Shanxi Road vinegar industry. Since ancient times, the number of Shanxi vinegar

, traced back in Qingxu. According to historical research, in the period of Yao and Shun, the ancients had mastered the use of acid plant sap brewing process, until the Warring States period, with a special vinegar workshop. To the Qing dynasty, Shanxi mature vinegar, Sichuan Browning vinegar, Zhenjiang vinegar, Fujian Yongchun Laocu listed as China’s “four names vinegar.” The Qingxu County and its surrounding Yuci, Taigu, Jiaocheng area is the origin of Shanxi Mature Vinegar. Currently, Qingxu has formed a group of Shanxi Mature Vinegar water tower as the leading business groups, the county certified by QS 40 vinegar business, with six series over 200 varieties of vinegar production capacity of 370,000 tons / year , accounting for output 1 / 10, accounting for 65% of provincial output.

In front of an increasingly competitive market, Qingxu vinegar industry has some problems to be solved. Vinegar county has 40 enterprises, only 8 thousand tons, 5000 tons were 29. Small scale, decentralized set point, low economic efficiency, the production environment is poor, this also resulted in uneven quality of vinegar products, market share is low, not form the Group of the scale advantages. Since many small businesses vinegar, resulting in the abuse of “Shanxi Mature Vinegar” brand seriously. Market, many manufacturers, the name of many, with shoddy, phenomena such as lower prices with each other from time to time, seriously affecting the Shanxi Mature Vinegar brand advantages. And now in addition to towers, East Lake, purple forest, she had several leading enterprises to adopt modern management, most enterprises are still in the traditional vinegar manual and use their experience to guide the production stage, the technology behind the innovation, science and technology deficiencies. This is not only a problem in the industry Qingxu vinegar, vinegar industry is also a common problem throughout the province.

Rainbow always after the storm. In that problem, the vinegar can see the helm of companies hope that by the food industry Financial Smaller impact of the crisis. “No matter how much impact the economic crisis, people will have a consumer”bottom line”, the”bottom line”is an indispensable everyday clothing, food, shelter, transportation, in particular, Diet Is it indispensable. As clothing, houses, cars can not buy or temporarily reduce the purchase, reducing travel, but can not eat a day. That is, no matter how the change,”Food is”will not change. “An industry point out the reason of them.

It is seen that, in Shanxi Province this year introduced the “Shanxi food industry restructuring and revitalization plan.” “Planning” for the Shanxi Province Alcohol , Vinegar, dairy products and other traditional sectors of comparative advantage, proposed through the introduction of technology, policy guidance and financial support, strong brand, expanding the scale and competitiveness, improving the country’s share of Shanxi Province and visibility. In the vinegar industry is focused on promoting regional integration of small and medium enterprises vinegar backbone enterprises to improve industrial concentration, and further enhance the aged vinegar market share in the vinegar, to ensure that the market of Shanxi vinegar brand position in the vinegar; positive development for different groups Beverages Vinegar, medicinal vinegar, vinegar flavor, health vinegar products, expand the application of vinegar, and enhance the value-added products.

This “planning” approach coincides with the Qingxu County. To resolve the global financial crisis and promote economic restructuring Qingxu development, scientific development, strive Qingxu County proposed 5 years Qingxu vinegar through the construction of industrial parks, big volume, increase research and development efforts, optimize the product structure, accelerate the industry consolidation, focusing on creating towers, such as purple forest vinegar 4-5 large manufacturing enterprises, to raise output to 1.3 million tons of vinegar / year, advancing from the mature vinegar Condiment Transition to health care products, acyl children of the old “vinegar Gourd” really bigger and stronger.

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According to the number of exhibitors, exhibitors result, exhibitors satisfaction, participation experience, participants fairs strategies and methods of indicators will be divided into rational type exhibitors, emotional type, mature categories.

A mature exhibitors show the value of the real people who know how to appreciate, is how the exhibition with a harmonious Cooperation Relations ability, to know the brand trusted professional commitment exhibition, and the same care as the priceless treasure exhibition of their own choosing.

Each mature exhibitors are aware of, and other business marketing tools such as Advertisement Better than other participants to achieve through attracting new customers, identify potential customers, save costs, save time and other basic business marketing objectives, show it is called the business the most effective marketing tool. International exhibitors to attend trade fairs into the well-known among business strategic marketing, corporate marketing plan in the year ahead of plan participants developed and run in accordance with law and relevant provisions of the exhibition combines enterprise sales plan exhibitors marketing plan, the the overall business plan is an important part of the market portfolio marketing. However, not all firms know how to consummate the use of this tool.

The world has all kinds of exhibitions held every day, which kind of exhibition is it your first choice? Why should our company participate in the show it? Every day we will receive numerous invitations to exhibitions, but what we should show to participate? Our study shows that mature exhibitors exhibitors generally have a very accurate positioning: The fundamental purpose of exhibition is to sell, and their participation may have a variety of objectives.

Under the German Trade Fair and Exhibition Committee (AUMA) has done a survey with knowledge, to participate in the exhibition business objectives can be divided into: basic objectives, product objectives, price targets, publicity objectives, sales objectives.

Renowned research institutions such as the German IFO has been one of the world’s multinational exhibition group?? Munich trade fair organizers in the world’s largest machine Project Equipment Exhibition BAUMA been “exhibiting companies target” special investigation, the results show that the objectives of their participation in the 85% increase business visibility, close the old customers and new customers are acquainted with 70% market share through promotional products exhibitions 63%, 60% introducing new products, improve product awareness 58%, 50% of the exchange of information, found that 50% of customer demand, affecting 33% of customer decision-making, the final sales contract is signed only 29%.

Shows mature in terms of exhibitors, they know that, despite its participation in the fundamental purpose is to increase product sales rate was order to expand market share, but they know that business as an organization has more influence than any a product of the force, while the exhibition as a neutral bridge connecting customers and the market for professional audiences in addition to the most influential product performance and price, the more critical is enterprise strength, the so-called enterprise strength , we can be understood as a product supply and support capabilities and provide the market Service Implementation capacity, which is based on the strength of the formation of a strong business enterprise outstanding reputation, its manifestations in the exhibition is the display of corporate image and increase business visibility, which is the world’s top 500 enterprises, the exhibition features a basic. Therefore, almost large mature exhibitors exhibitors usually the standard target model may be summarized as follows: in the famous exhibition to focus on “corporate image display” and “promote innovative products.”

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Harper Lee: the inside story of the greatest comeback
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If you are a first time writer, its probably the situation that you dont know something about publishing. Concentrating on your craft as well as your creativity, there is certainly actually much more that goes into finding your book on the stands and shelves of bookstores. When youve written out a fantastic story or novel, you might have to look after two points to ensure that your writing career requires flight. Very first you have to perform function using the completion of your manuscript and prepping it for publication and two, you have to understand regarding the methods with acquiring your book in bookstores.

Though these two issues may seem different and far apart, your information on how they come together will decide your success in publishing. The far more you know, the better you’ll be able to hone your craft as a writer along with the far more you understand, the far better you are able to make decisions with regard to the success of you book. To establish the connection in between the two, you simply require to hire or uncover an excellent publisher. Inside the hands of an professional, your book will have a far better possibility of producing you funds.

If you’d like to function using the greatest publisher, you might have to maintain your self informed in regards to the whos who within the publishing planet. Whilst you are in the method of polishing your function, you are able to pay a pay a visit to to your local library and neighborhood bookstore. Youll be performing analysis on the marketplace by browsing the aisles and searching at books within your genre. Take note of who published these books, how a lot of times these books were published and also the general look of their books. When youre sending your manuscript off to publishers, youll have a good insight who to send it to and what kind of perform theyre seeking.

In a sense, when youre meeting with your publishers, youve already created it via the door. You’ve got the task now if making your book into one thing that stands out amongst the other books these publishers publish. You negotiate the contract together with the publisher and get straight by means of towards the publishing.

For more information about publishing, visit the Bookpal website