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Define Research Report. Explain the Objectives and Types of Research Report.

Ans.  The final step in any research is to complete the findings into a summarized format. It is often said that without a research report the research remains valueless as it cannot be communicated accurately and effectively to the persons who are responsible for policy decisions.

Meaning of Research Report :

A research report is more or less an official document that presents the information for an interested reader. It involves investigation and analysis and the facts may lead to conclusions and recommendation. The facts must be accurate, complete easy to find and usually must be interpreted. They provide valuable record for the business. They can also be made use of in future

A research Report can be Defined as:

“The process of communicating the results of an investigation. It is a document which reflects the research conducted and the care that has been exercised throughout the study”.

Characteristics of a Good Research Report :

(1) Grammatical Accuracy :

The grammatical accuracy of language is of fundamental importance. It is one of the basic requisite of a good report as of any other piece of composition.

(2) Accuracy of Facts :

The scientific accuracy of facts is very essential to a good report.

(3) Simple and unambiguous language :

A good report is written in a simple, unambiguous language

(4) Reader Orientation :

A good report is always reader oriented. While drafting a report, it is necessary to keep in mind the persons who are going to read it.

(5) Objectivity of Recommendation :

If recommendations are made at the end of a report, they must be impartial and objective. They should come as a logical conclusion to investigation and analysis.

(6) Clarity :

The report writer must proceed systematically. He should make his purpose clear,define his source, state his fin ding s and finally make necessary recommendations. He should divide his report into short paragraphs giving them headings.

(7) Relevance :

The facts presented in a report should be only accurate but relevant also.

Objectives/Purpose of a Research Report:

(1) To provide information to some one who is interested in gathering such information or who wishes to make use of this information in one way or the other

(2) To have the full knowledge about a fact.

(3) To make use of the report either for reference or for any other purpose in future.

Types of Report :

(1) Technical Report : In the technical report the main emphasis is on

ØThe method employed

ØAssumptions made in the course of the study

ØThe detailed presentation of the findings including their limitations and supporting data.

A technical report consists of the following aspects:

i. Major Findings and Contents : Atechnical report will contain the main findings just in two or three pages.

ii. Nature of the Research Work : This describes

ØThe general objectives of the study

ØFormulation of the problem in operational items

ØThe working hypothesis

ØThe type of analysis

ØData required, etc.

iii. Research Methodology : This explains the various methods used in the study and their limitations. For instance:

Ø Sample Size

Ø Sample Selection etc.

iv. Data Analysis :

The report analyses the data and their sources, characteristics and limitation. If secondary data are used, their suitability to the problem at hand is fully assessed. In case of a survey, the manner in which data were collected should be fully described.

v. Presentation of Findings :

The researcher presents his main findings of the study with supporting data in the form of tables and charts.

vi. Main Conclusion :

Here, the main findings of the research are presented and the main body of the report, usually extending over several chapters.

vii. Bibliography :

This contains the main sources of secondary data.

viii. Technical appendices :

This contain all technical matters relating to questionnaire, mathematical derivation etc.

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Clinical Data, Inc. (Clinical Data) is a biotechnology engaged in providing complete molecular and pharmacogenomics services as well as clinical diagnostics to improve patient care. The company operates though PGxHealth Division which is principally engaged in developing therapeutics and genetic & pharmacogenomic tests that help in detection of serious diseases and aid in predicting drug efficacy, safety and tolerability. The pipeline products include Vilazodone for depression and Stedivaze a cardiac stress agent. The pre-clinical pipeline is focuses on adenosine receptor pharmacology and in oncology areas.The company operates in North America, Europe and Asia.

Clinical Data, Inc. Key Recent Developments

Aug 09, 2010 Clinical Data Reports Net Loss Of $ 13.9 Million For Q1 Fiscal 2011
Jun 14, 2010 Clinical Data Reports Net Revenues Of $ 13.08 Million In Fiscal 2010
Jun 03, 2010 Clinical Data Announces Data Confirming Value Of FCGR3A Gene Variant In Predicting Rituximab Response In NHL To Be Presented At ASCO
Feb 09, 2010 Clinical Data Reports Net Revenues Of $ 3.13 Million In Q3 Fiscal 2010
Dec 22, 2009 PGxHealth Enters Into Research Collaboration With Clinical Data

This comprehensive SWOT profile of Clinical Data, Inc. provides you an in-depth strategic analysis of the companys businesses and operations. The profile has been compiled to bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the companys key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better.

The profile contains critical company information including,

– Business description A detailed description of the companys operations and business divisions.
– Corporate strategy Analysts summarization of the companys business strategy.
– SWOT Analysis A detailed analysis of the companys strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.
– Company history Progression of key events associated with the company.
– Major products and services A list of major products, services and brands of the company.
– Key competitors A list of key competitors to the company.
– Key employees A list of the key executives of the company.
– Executive biographies A brief summary of the executives employment history.
– Key operational heads A list of personnel heading key departments/functions.
– Important locations and subsidiaries A list and contact details of key locations and subsidiaries of the company.
– Key manufacturing facilities A list of key manufacturing facilities of the company.
– Detailed financial ratios for the past five years The latest financial ratios derived from the annual financial statements published by the company with 5 years history.
– Interim ratios for the last five interim periods The latest financial ratios derived from the quarterly/semi-annual financial statements published by the company for 5 interims history.

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The internet has made the impossible, very much a possibility. Earlier it was beyond imagination to tell someone they could watch movies, live TV or even some videos without a TV set or a CD player. Today one can watch movies, listen to music, and watch new funny videos with just a computer and an internet connection. Internet technology has developed a great deal and thanks to the ever-developing technology, people have access to all kinds of media content with only their PCs or laptops.

Videos have become a big deal today. The ease with which people, normal people shoot a video and then upload it on the internet for many others to see is simply amazing. Today almost anybody who has a camera with a phone can shoot whatever he likes. After that, it is so very simple to upload the video on the internet and with just one upload, millions of people can view this video. There are many websites, which allow users to upload videos without any charges or registration to the website. The upload process is also very simple and non-technical and the best of it all, the upload process if so quick thanks to video streamlining and faster browsers and internet connections.

Many people love to watch funny videos and they are always looking for New Funny Videos. Many people subscribe to websites, which play all kinds of videos, and they are notified when any fun or interesting video is uploaded on the website. With just a click or a button and a few second to spare, people can watch the most hilarious videos and feel light almost instantaneously. Videos are of many kinds. You have people shooting videos of adventure sports and thrilling risks taken, and then you have people making videos of pranks they play on others. There are videos which are shot to capture the most funniest of situations. People and internet users have found a new way of expressing themselves; internet videos. The simplicity surrounding the shooting and then sharing of the video makes them even more popular.

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Every student has some aim in life and if you ask them what they want to become they will immediately answer mentioning some general or professional field. But there will be hardly any students who want to become a successful athlete because nowadays students as well as their parents believe that participating in athletics is wastage of time. Actually, they are not aware how much hard work is needed to become a successful and Mature Athlete.

A Mature Athlete has to take good care of their body in order to be healthy and fit. In fact healthy body and fitness are mandatory for becoming a good athlete. It is necessary for them to have a balanced diet consisting of healthy and nutritious food because according to the doctors proper food is the major factor which helps them to have a healthy and fit body. They may also require food supplements for maintaining the fitness of their body.

Apart from healthy diet a Mature Athlete is also required to work out properly in order to keep their body in working condition. This is so because athletes and sportsmen tend to get injuries while playing their sport. Further, if they get serious injuries in joints they may have to suffer joint pains and undergo surgeries which may have a negative effect on their career. There are many athletes who had to undergo total knee replacement or partial knee replacement as well as other surgeries.

Hence, a Mature Athlete should be very careful about his or her diet as well as physical fitness. They should regularly exercise and workout in a proper manner and eat a healthy diet. There are a wide variety of things available in the market but they must first take their doctor’s advice before consuming anything. Incorrect application or intake of any product can have a harmful effect on their body and fitness. So it is essential for them to opt for the sports nutrition products available in the market.

The importance of sports nutrition for Mature Athlete is as under:

It will protect them from diabetes by controlling your blood sugar.
It will enable them to fight various diseases.
It will help them to restore energy and drain their stress and depression out.
It will increase their exercising capacity.
It will cure the joint pains of a mature athlete.

Therefore, balanced diet and proper workout is necessary for a Mature Athlete to maintain fit and healthy body.

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Remember this is a famous indisputable fact that age starters composition a large number of several learning at Country universities, both on domestic and space discovering programs. The thing isn’t therefore well known is that the offsetting behave of juggling family and exposition writing could be a huge problem for people, especially around Christmas moment in time. Throughout the year you can find family obligations and works to face, but at Xmas the limits impend, happy celebrations are plentiful and there’s December 25th purchasing to actually clench in also. It can be a nightmare for students having boys and girls.One easy way to compare perform the job and relations is as organized as they can. It’s really easy to depart works to your last minute or gift searching so that the night time before, however when excess work crops over or babysitters disappointed you everybody haven’t dumped yourself any gap for fault. Beneficial is to get a big diary for December, making an array of everything you need to obtain through by Festive – one checklist for academic work, another for loved ones duties.

Then apply a different coloured author to maximize your specific and put in them all in for your calendar – you are unlikely to come up with doing your December 25th searching at the first day from December however in fact that could be the sensible opportunity to buy it away!Planning the effort similar is a superb technique to burn calories what percentage days you need to have to firmly ones self, supplying you with plenty of caveat to reserve babysitters beforehand. Understand that they can get booked-up right up around Xmas time frame, therefore look ahead against your program and contact your particular babysitter now to confirm the sched you will require them in a while. From seminars to shows to actually act dissertations, big act time constraints happen around December 25th time and its appeal ensuring you have deliberate your particular childcare beforehand.The net will also be a large time-saver at Xmas. Purchase your personal turkey web-based and show great progress on Christmas Nightfall to save lots of time traipsing surrounding the shops; you may also buy awards and panty hose fillers on the web and have them delivered to your particular exit door to offer you more time in your own home. Internet websites like Oxbridge Works offers great pointers and cases to help you speed up your personal medical work too.

Consequently, you should use a look into the transcript copy and documents services and revel in peace of mind.Finally, don’t be scared individuals to help you. Kin typically have break day around Christmas and might be comfortable to firmly step in along with babysitting obligation when you have to have a few additional hours to perform. And opposed to this, your particular traditional college really should be supportive overly – supervisors need to grasp if you require an increase or even a few added days to work on an job, therefore don’t be scared to ask. Let neighbors from traditional college manage your personal exposition or essays by looking over themselves for you and producing you their personal advice; expert help is a good method to improve perform the job fast and simple!

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Wedding is one of the most important milestones in each person’s life. Friends and relatives come to congratulate on the bride and groom’s happiness with lots of presents and wishes. Wedding is not only the occasion to show off the best dresses but also the chance for families to gather and spend quality time together. Therefore, everyone who attends weddings wants to have enjoyable and memorable moments with their relatives and friends in the warm atmosphere. 

To make the wedding more cheerful and exciting, fun contests are held for the bride and groom as well as all the guests. They include touching hums to find the groom, banana eating and keeping the ball, etc. This is also a way that you can use to entertain your guests at your nuptials. Enjoy the following funny pictures of hilarious moments in weddings. 


Which is my groom’s fatty hump?


Impressive “sexy” Flamenco dancing


Honey, I’m coming to take off your shoes.


We”ll win the Best Kiss, honey.


Darling, where are you? I’m coming.


Hold on, brothers. We”ll never collapse.


Hey, guy. The “babies” needs more “milk”.


Who wants to be the next? I’ll pass my luck to you, girl.


Darling, I’m too anxious to taste your lips.


Mummy, we want more milk.



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Kids books should educate and entertain and touch the growing minds of your impressionable little ones. But with so many new books for children hitting the shelves of brick and mortar bookstores and online retailers, how do you choose which new kids books are the right ones to have in your personal family library? Kids books that have staying power usually combine colorful illustrations, exciting stories and a deeper message that empowers children to take action. Enter the new healthy super kid on the block: Mitch Spinach!

In our research, we have found very few books for children that introduce a smart, cool, healthy role model for kids. Most kids books usually propagate the same message that vegetables are yucky, even if you are supposed to eat them. This type of negativity found in so many books for children perpetuate the universal struggle between parents and kids and the battle over eating healthy foods. So, if authors continue to write the same stuff, how are we going to abate the frightening trend in children’s health today. Over half of all children are obese, and type 2 diabetes, ADD and ADHD (all nutrition related health issues) are reaching epidemic proportions with no real end in site. The Centers For Disease Control have stated that this current generation of children will be the first generation to have shorter life-spans than their parents. The World Health Organization remarks that more people are dying from eating unhealthy foods than cigarettes smoking and illegal drugs combined.

What children eat in the first ten years of their lives is of the utmost importance because a childs growing body, with its rapidly dividing cells, is at a greater risk when exposed to all types of negative and toxic influences. As Joel Fuhrman M.D., one of the nations top nutrition experts, puts it in adults, our genetic material (DNA) is wound up in a tight ball, like rubber bands on the inside of a golf ball. When we are young and cells are replicating and growing, the DNA unwinds, exposing more of its surface, which makes it more susceptible to toxic or harmful exposures. Can the Mitch Spinach books for children help? What can a parent do when their children will not eat anything green at all and they seem to only subsist on chicken fingers and pepperoni pizza? Introduce them to Mitch Spinach kids books.

Frustrated by the lack of a healthy role model for their children ages 6 and 5, husband and wife authors Jeff Hillenbrand and Hillary Feerick decided to combine their expertise in health (Jeff holds a BS in exercise science) and writing (Hillary holds a BA and MA in English and is an English teacher) to create Mitch Spinach, a cool, fun, hero who solves mysteries at Sunchoke Elementary and gets super powers from eating fruits and vegetables. These unique and timely kids books get kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables and prompt them to ask their parents for the “superfoods” that Mitch Spinach eats in each story.

By partnering with Joel Fuhrman, M.D., leading expert on nutrition and author of Disease Proof Your Child and Eat to Live, these innovative kids books are backed by the latest scientific and nutrition research. Dr. Fuhrman has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Good Morning America, and many more. He has demonstrated that good health begins in childhood, and scientific evidence suggests that the food children eat in the first 10 years of their lives can have a critical and profound effect on their life-long health.

The Mitch Spinach kids books also include an additional Secrets For Parents and Teachers section, written in collaboration with Dr Fuhrman, as well as bonus recipes. Dr. Fuhrman presides over the nutritional and medical aspects of the Mitch Spinach mission, ensuring that the information presented in the book and on the website are based on sound medical and nutritional evidence.

Oh, and, by the way, the website is really cool! It contains more nutrition facts, recipes, and fun, educational games for kids as well as being a great resource for parents and educators. Every parent shares the burden of raising healthy kids in a fast-paced, fast food and junk food-filled world. The Mitch Spinach books for children make it easier for parents to get their kids to want to eat healthy foods. We haven’t found any other kids books on the market that even comes close. Whether you are searching for new kids books for your own children or just a great book to buy for your niece, nephew, grandson or granddaughter, don’t hesitate a second longer and order these wonderful books for children today.

The Mitch Spinach books for children entertain and motivate kids to eat healthy foods through exciting mysteries, colorful illustrations and multicultural characters. Every parent wants a smart, cool, healthy hero to entertain and motivate their kids to eat more fruits and veggies. The Mitch Spinach kids books are for you. Visit /a>

Among the craziest and infrequently really rewarding things you can do is always to remove every one of the prejudices we had arrived increased along with along with break up your censoring barriers placed by simply society. There is not any reason why folks should be ashamed to stand up for opinions and become afraid to be able to More mature Ladies Dating UK their own reactions in the present modern world whenever everything is aligning effectively to the ever in your life changing society. Generally there should not be taboo things about all of us, there ought to be Mature Dating on the internet definite overall flexibility connected with phrase to ensure that we could conserve the continuous tempos and defeats of the world.

We now have ended paying attention to how many other individuals declare in the past, or at best we have to have inked in which, so why be worried to demonstrate your own correct home? Shouldn’t you really feel pleased with whom you are and also everything you have got accomplished? Simply because under consideration for you to leave the particular unexciting facet from the Slightly older Females Dating UK globe and you’ve got be a token of braveness and inspiration doesn’t mean an individual should be having society’s outcasts. In case you are one of the slightly older girls internet dating more youthful men you are able to come out currently. There isn’t any reason behind that you hide out within the pitch-dark corner of one’s soul’s closet in addition to get rid of the key. Placed yourself free and begin Mature Online dating sites experiencing the amazing encounter since you have nothing to be able to be sorry for on the contrary you’ve got so much to shed.

Senior Women Dating UK is a sensation contemporary society is in the means of transitioning to now that finally received named while Cougar relationship. A rather prejudiced along with discriminatory level if I am eligible to your own thoughts and opinions. All things considered, more aged mankind has already been personals much younger women since the beginning of your energy and also nobody message or calls these folks brands. Era has stopped being the standards long ago along with aren’tall of us those proclaiming this enjoy is aware virtually no guidelines, very little restrictions, not any prejudices? Interactions in between aged females and more youthful men may bring much not possible volume of joy plus full satisfaction. Women identified his or her soul mates because of this sort of bravery.

Teenage boys uncover dating more mature ladies such a uncovering knowledge. Some people discover ways to become grow and self-confident individuals. Elderly Girls Dating UK will be more experienced compared to more radiant males and they go ahead and take individuals on the causing path of security as well as reason. Mature Dating on the internet will also be a great source regarding ideas because men’re given the special possiblity to accelerate the operation of defining their particular manliness. More mature females are often open-minded and extremely determined, knowing what exactly is it that they desire coming from a individual thus instilling an invaluable feeling of self-confidence as well as rely upon its more youthful spouses. Addititionally there is this specific incredible temptations of which elderly girls emanate that they create some kind of the not allowed berries malady. Males realize that possibly more mature women tend to be over the budget or perhaps that they’re regarded as taboo understanding that brings about a lot more appealing.

More aged Females Dating UK are flanked by curious men, more mature women depict an ideal alternative for those men who both dread competitiveness as well as preferring to hold issues straightforward. Cheaper competition is usually a determining element in supplied situations. Also sometimes men are individuals who are now being courted through more mature females in night clubs and even around the Mature Dating Online his or her freed longing for fun character enables them to take the 1st step in to the unfamiliar. Older women courting younger males is the better method to improve mens self confidence as well as increase his or her pride altering these folks through the Older Girls Internet dating UK for the popular gentleman strolling at first glance of his or her globe. Most of these very bright ladies aren’t as shallow while typical young women are really they seem additional assured and may pose because perceptive secret woman hanging around to become revealed in depth as opposed to women which place on their own the plate. Teenagers are mostly thrilled from the interesting talks they have with old women who produce other themes planned when compared with lipsticks, pieces, awesome voyages etc.

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Sitting on the bullet train with Fred, we were moving across Japan at 240 kph, moving speedily to another meaningless meeting. Hurry up to wait. Peering out the window at the darkening landscape, we couldn’t see Mt. Fuji. We knew it was there and we were 99.99% sure that we would not be able to see it. We still looked just the same. Naturally, obscured by clouds, pollution or both, we couldn’t see it. The darkening landscape may have been a factor too. Collecting my trash from a 7-11 salmon rice ball, a handful of tangerines, and a Crunky chocolate bar, I stuffed it into the 7-11 bag and commented, “I do miss trash cans.”

I should have known better than to make such a comment around Fred. After the terrible terrorist attacks of 9-11, the garbage cans on the bullet trains were taped shut and people had to take their garbage off the train with them, or leave it on the train. He quickly replied, “You know, trains in Japan were always one place that you could be sure of finding a garbage can. Where can we be confident of finding trash cans? Certainly not on the street and certainly not in parks. Did I ever tell you about Mike and his garbage can inquiry?”

I nodded my head, but my nod was in vain. Fred started to tell me all about Mike and his garbage, again, “Mike made the foolish mistake of replying to one of those let’s ask the foreign residents for their feedback about life in Japan inquiries. Mike was tired of going to the park with his son, not finding any garbage cans, and seeing all the trash scattered around. Mike thought that if there were trash cans, people would use them. Mike mistakenly thought that trash cans were an obvious municipal service. So, he replied to that effect. Would you believe that two guys from city hall went all the way out to Mike’s house to explain why there were no trash cans in the park? They explained that trash cans would be an added expense that the city did not want to pay for, which was why they had the take your garbage home with you approach. When Mike pointed out that the take your garbage home approach was not working and people were just dumping their trash in the park, what do you think they said?”

I started to reply, but Fred cut me off, “They explained that it was an added expense that the city did not want to pay for, which was why they had the take your garbage home with you approach. Yes, the two civil servants said the exact same thing all over again. So Mike is wondering why he ever gave feedback in the first place. Even more, Mike is wondering why the local municipal government even asked for feedback.”

Fred went on, but I just tuned him out, thinking that we certainly did not have a meeting of the minds here. Mike wanted garbage cans in the public parks. He thought this was a basic municipal service. He thought providing feedback might lead to improvement. Little did Mike know that city hall was not really open to change. There was one way to do things – the city hall way. City hall was always open to explaining exactly what they were doing. They thought that explaining how they did things would help people to understand what was going on. They thought that explaining would help to reduce problems. They did not have a clue that people providing feedback expected change.

Mike never gave any feedback again.

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