Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

Since premiering live at “The Music of David Lynch” tribute concert in Los Angeles on April 1st, KID MOXIE’s music video, featuring Angelo Badalamenti’s remake of Mysteries of Love has become a much-anticipated addendum to the celebration. Mysteries of Love was the only music video to be included in this epic benefit concert for The David Lynch Foundation (DLF), headlined by Duran Duran and featuring artists including Moby, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O, Sky Ferreira, and Angelo Badalamenti. The Mysteries of Love video premiered online Wednesday, April 22nd through Noisey/VICE, and features the iconic song with lyrics by David Lynch, composed by Angelo Badalamenti, and performed by KID MOXIE.

The haunting theme of Lynch’s intense 1986 mystery-thriller “Blue Velvet” has been reworked by Badalamenti with a full orchestra and the ethereal vocals of KID MOXIE (Elena Charbila). “Elena’s vocal recording of Mysteries of Love, recorded sensitively, and so beautifully, couldn’t have come at a better time.” said Badalamenti. More like a short film than a traditional music video, Lynch was delighted to include this 2015 remake of Mysteries of Love in his concert since the music video was created by members of the David Lynch Masters in Film Program (DLMA) and the extended film community of Fairfield, Iowa.

The original 1980s version of the ballad launched Badalamenti’s collaborative relationship with Lynch. The Italian-American composer, responsible for creating what would become the director’s signature musical sound, has composed the distinctive soundtrack for every David Lynch film since “Blue Velvet”. The original Mysteries of Love score, featuring Badalamenti’s familiar synthesized orchestral music accompanying the entrancing vocals of Julee Cruise, remains a favorite among die-hard Lynch fans. “ ‘Mysteries of Love’ is the first song that David and I collaborated on, and the magic of it, set a tone and an identity, for all that followed,” shared Badalamenti.

In transforming the ballad 30 years later, Badalamenti’s remake of the song with KID MOXIE provided a creative genesis for the David Lynch MA in Film staff, students, and community for the conception, storyboard, and production of the music video. The short film became a natural fit for inclusion in DLF’s “The Music of David Lynch” April 1st benefit at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. The event helped raise funds to teach Transcendental Meditation (TM) to 1000 at-risk youth in Los Angeles.

The David Lynch MA in Film Program is now accepting applications for enrollment for the 2016/2017 school years. For more information about the David Lynch MA in Film Program visit: http://filmschool.mum.edu/ or call the Admissions Office at 800-369-6480.

Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, IA is a private university featuring Consciousness-Based℠ Education. The accredited traditional curriculum offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the arts, sciences, humanities, and business, but also integrates self-development programs. Innovative aspects include the Transcendental Meditation program, one course at a time, and organic vegetarian meals. Visitors’ weekends are held throughout the year.

The David Lynch Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 2005 to fund the implementation of scientifically proven stress-reducing modalities, including the Transcendental Meditation program, for at-risk populations such as underserved inner-city students; veterans with PTSD and their families; women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse; American Indians suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high suicide rates; homeless men participating in reentry programs who are striving to overcome addictions; and incarcerated juveniles and adults.

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A Brief History of Sleep Research

The history of sleep research started In 1913 when Henri Pieron, a French Scientist, wrote a book called “Le probleme physiologique du sommeil.” This book was the first where sleep was analyzed from a physiological perspective. Since its publication, this is work book is treated as the beginning of the era of the modern sleep research.
Another researcher, Dr. Nathaniel Kleitman, from Chicago, who is now known as the “Father of American sleep research,” started his work in the 1920s. He wasa the first American who was studying sleep in terms of circadian rhythms and wakefulness. He also worked on sleep patterns of different populations, as well as on the effect of sleep deprivation. It happened only in 1953 when he and his students, Dr. Eugene Aserinsky, made the original discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) during sleep.
A few years have passed until Dr. William C. Dement, another Kleitman’s students, described the “cyclical”  principle of night sleep in 1955 for the first time. Between 1957 and 1958 he found the relationship between REM sleep and a phenomenon of seeing dreams. In 1958, Dement’s publication  (“Sleep cycles in species other than humans”) started a real acceleration of the fundamental research in many different fields, such as pharmacology, biochemistry, and physiology for the next 20 years. His work led Michel Jouvet, from France, to identify REM sleep as fully independent state of alertness, the one he called “paradoxical sleep.”
Modern Sleep Research

In modern days, sleep research is diversified into many different categories, such as:

circadian rhythms research
cardio-respiratory research
narcolepsy research  
parasomnias research
legs and limb movement disorder research
shift work effecting sleep research
sleep deprivation research
sleep and aging research
anxiety research
insomnia research
infant sleep research

There are over 200 accredited sleep disorders centers and laboratories in the United States alone and over 30 in Canada, whose mandate is to recognize, identify, analyze, and treat all sleep disorders.

The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research

This organization has concluded due to fast-paced lives of many round-the-clock shift-work people around the globe, there is a need for a sufficient, and a really good night sleep. Millions of people have changed their sleeping habits along with a new implementation of shift-work schedules and because of it they go without sufficient sleep. These habits create critical penalties.
As an example, car accidents have been increased drastically among people with sleep disorders.
It has been estimated by the Institute of Circadian Physiology in Boston that sleep disorders,  being a result of irregular work shifts or other medical conditions, cost American companies over B$ 70 every year in lost productivity, fringe benefits, and industrial accidents.

For more information please go to http://www.MasterYourSleep.com or mail to: master@MasterYourSleep.com.

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No matter the very fact how grown-up a person is, one never fails to appear at his hair. The majority of magazines are filled with ladies pictures in 20s and 30s, and it is onerous to search out women above fifty that includes the best hair. Of course, some of them are working out the precise reason for losing hair, whether or not it is hereditary or an unhealthy lifestyle. Fifty and above is that the age when hair starts becoming brittle and is prone to frizz, split ends and damage. Eventually, hair starts graying and becomes thinner in an exceedingly manner that girls shy removed from attending occasions and become introverts. This example can be overcome by next few tips which will convince be helpful in maintaining a healthy hair at the age of 50 and above.

1. Eating properly is obligatory to support a healthy hair, such as fruits, lean protein and vegetable, as it does the majority of nourishment to the hair internally. However, vitamins also are smart for overall health and hence eating nutritious and balanced diet could be a must to maintain a healthy hair at mid age.

2. Another important thing is that one should pay a lot of attention on comments created by alternative individuals concerning the looks being light or shading away. Hence, decide for yourself to chop the hair short or coloring the hair as it is your own looks, and you’ll think and do as you would like to suit your best.

3. Maintaining healthy hair at 50 + is not a simple task, however can be done while not a lot of effort, by taking applicable care regularly. For skinny or limp hair, setting apart the length makes it look thicker, and if the person has beautiful eyes, short hair appearance simply beautiful. Conversely, there are women who cannot comprise in discarding the length of the hair; they will have extensions added therefore that it looks thick and lengthy. Moisturizing shampoo and formulated conditioners are also fabulous merchandise that keep the hair look thick and healthy.

4. Trying a replacement color that’s totally unique from the natural color offers a diligent touch and this will be well-maintained in each six weeks, however avoid giving a skilled color permanently because it will seem like a makeover. If there is a very little of gray hairs, feel blessed that you are fortunate enough to paint all the white strands such that it will highlight as a lighter shade relying on the selection of color you select for shading.

5. It is not obligatory to bear a complete color amendment, hence go for highlighting as this appearance remarkably well on fifty+ women. Variations in color create the hair to look movable and flexible than having a consistent color, and maintaining a healthy hair at 50 + aren’t really completely different than at any other age. However, it is a should to eat well, acquire enough rest and to avoid over processing the hair as a healthy mane soars the years and there are adequate choices to create the hair look and work best.

Eventually, avoiding harsh chemicals as hair coloring or straightening or curling is best avoided as they cause breakage and hair damage. Even, heating tools like curling irons, hair dryers and hot combs leads to hair breakage. Stress additionally features a significant role in thinning hair and hence avoiding stress and promoting hair growth by acquiring the counseled minerals and vitamins, besides regular exercise helps in maintaining a healthy hairstyle at mid-age as well.

Dorothy Frank has been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in Beauty Products ,you can also check out her latest website about:
freehost24h Which reviews and lists the best

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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

Marketing automation is the topic of the latest article from inbound marketing firm, Fannit.com. These online marketing experts address an issue that they run into with both large and small businesses throughout Seattle – the necessity and reasoning behind marketing automation.

What is marketing automation? Their articles describes it like this —

“At its best, marketing automation is software and tactics that allow companies to buy and sell like Amazon – that is, to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers, and then turn those customers into loyal, delighted fans.”

They proceed to explain that this type of marketing automation typically generates significant new revenue for companies, while offering a lowered cost per acquisition. Not sold?

Marketing automation also helps to increase employee productivity by giving one individual the tools necessary to collect and analyze significant amounts of data that would have otherwise required an enormous amount of time from multiple individuals that are skilled in both coding and web analysis. With this type of software, those skills are not necessary and those experts on staff are freed to work on other business projects.

Additionally, marketing automation software gives businesses the ability to bring every aspect of a campaign under one cohesive structure — offering a more targeted and organized approach.

“Marketing automation software gives you the tools necessary to track and monitor each step of a campaigns process. Tracking your campaign closely allows you to see what is working and what isn’t. For example, what CTAs are converting well, and what CTAs are a flop,” says Fannit.com.

To learn more about marketing automation, contact Fannit.com to discuss their top recommendations for Seattle businesses.

About Fannit

Fannit.com is a full service internet marketing agency that helps companies increase their online presence through engaging and well placed content. They service Seattle area and U.S. based companies with Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, E-mail, Press Releases, and Conversion Rate Optimization.


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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 23, 2015

With ancient knights, fire swords and 3,000 year old legends, Legend of the Mantamaji is just the kind of graphic novel fantasy lovers dream of – and the kind of series that is changing the face of superheroes in comics. “It shouldn’t be unusual to see ethnically diverse characters and strong women in the genre. Yet, there is still a problem with representation in sci-fi and fantasy – despite readers’ requests,” Eric Dean Seaton, television director [Undateable, That’s So Raven, Austin & Ally, Bella and the Bulldogs] and creator of the Legend of the Mantamaji series, said. With thousands of comics and pop culture lovers attending this weekend’s Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Seaton looks forward to connecting with fans of the series -and meeting new ones – at Booth 136, Thursday through Sunday, at McCormick Place — 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive.

‘At its core, Legend of the Mantamaji is a fantastic adventure series inspired by my years of directing really great shows. People want good stories that have heart, are smart, funny AND represent the broader world,” Seaton said.

Nominated for a prestigious Glyph Comics Award and riding high off the release of the third book in the series, Seaton recently expanded the national book tour to 14 cities in the U.S. and Canada:

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo [C2E2] (April 24-26)

East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (May 15 – 16)

Puerto Rico ComicCon (May 21 – 24)

Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina (June 19-21)

Comic Con San Diego (July 7 – 12)

OnyxCon, Atlanta, Georgia (August 15 – 16)

Wizard World Chicago (August 20 – 23)

Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Canada (September 3 – 6)

Long Beach Comic Con in Long Beach, California (September 12-13)

Wizard World Columbus in Columbus, Ohio (September 18 – 20)

New York Comic Con (October 8-11)

LA Times Festival of Books (April)

WonderCon Anaheim (April)

Black Comix Arts Festival, San Francisco (January)

About Legend of the Mantamaji:

Legend of the Mantamaji tells the story of Elijah Alexander, an Assistant D.A. who has learned that his childhood storybook legends are actually the true stories of his heritage and that he is the last of a race of mystical knights known as the Mantamaji. After realizing he’s only part human, Elijah struggles with the shift in his world and becomes a hunted man charged with ridding the world of an ancient evil no other Mantamaji has ever been able to defeat. The full-color, action packed series has hair-raising plot twists and smart storytelling for all superhero fans.

The books feature artwork by Brandon Palas, colorist Andrew Dalhouse who has worked with From Boom, Dark Horse, Image, Marvel and DC and lettering by Deron Bennett, who was nominated for an Eisner Award for his work on titles like Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand and Helldorado, among others.

Praise for Legend of the Mantamaji:

“Fans who bemoan the ‘big two’ for a lack of vision, or effort, to create bold new characters and franchises, should learn that innovation can often be found elsewhere. ‘Legend of the Mantamaji ‘ has all of the excitement, imagination and suspense to be a TV or film series on its own, but instead it is here as a comic to be enjoyed by the masses who crave them. ‘Legend of the Mantamaji’ volume one is a must read for those who crave all of the spectacle and action of superhero comics, yet want a comic which offers creative new ideas and a progressive storyline with real weight behind it,” Alex Widen, Brooklyn Comic Book Examiner

“Eric Dean Seaton is an accomplished director and producer but he’s been hiding his true talent for writing comic books and I think it’s time to unleash them into the world.” Janneke de Ronde, Small Press Comics Review

“Legend of the Mantamaji is teevee director Eric Dean Seaton’s (Sonny with a Chance, That’s So Raven, Good Luck Charlie) first shot at writing comics, but this is clearly a professional storyteller with writing chops and a lifelong love of the medium, both of which are on full display here. I am not sure what I expected when I was invited to review Legends of the Mantamaji, but I can tell you I was definitely impressed by the quality world-building and storytelling.” –GhettoManga.com

About Eric Dean Seaton:

As an episodic director, Eric Dean Seaton has directed 200 television episodes of 38 different hit TV series, including NBC/Warner Bros. comedy “Undateable,” TBS’s “Ground Floor,” BET’s “Let’s Stay Together,” Disney’s “Austin & Ally” and Nickelodeon’s “Bella and the Bulldogs.” He has also directed 18 music videos and two pilots for Nickelodeon, as well as two pilots for Disney XD. Seaton is a Cleveland, Ohio native and graduate of The Ohio State University. Eric, his wife children live in California. Legend of the Mantamaji, named a Top Graphic Novel series by Examiner.com and Atlanta Black Star, is his first graphic novel series.

For Media Interview | Book Review Requests Contact: Tagan Lee, (714)713-3175 | taganlee [at] gmail.com

or Terreece M. Clarke, (614) 467-0361 | TClarke(at)LifeSliceMedia(dot)com | LegendoftheMantamaji.com

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